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Do you feel that you’re doing it all wrong? Second-guess your every decision? Feel guilty for the times you get mad, frustrated, or impatient? For many single moms, these kinds of thoughts are recurrent squatters in their minds.

Being a single mom can be like entering a nonstop hurdle race, only without the medals and recognition part. The moment you overtake one obstacle, the next one is right up ahead, and you feel like you always losing to your own expectations and everybody else’s. Single moms have to face a unique set of challenges, from making all the decisions alone to stretching money, month after month. Nearly all single moms feel anxious, overwhelmed, and alone. These feelings are better understood by someone who is also experiencing similar struggles and emotions.

We know that the thought of sharing your doubts and difficulties can be strange and intimidating. But if you give it a chance, you will be surprised by the sense of connection, support, and empowerment you can get (and give). Still on the fence? Here are 5 reasons why joining a Single Moms Support Group could be a good idea for you:

1. To remember you are not alone

Photo of a single Mom kissing her kid representing a mom who has found joy after attending counseling for anxiety & depression at New Connections Counseling Center in Baltimore MDJust knowing that other moms also struggle with the same issues can be a big relief. Hearing others’ stories can help you relax a bit and adjust your expectations. Also, it will help you feel more comfortable sharing your own experiences in this kind of supporting and nonjudgmental setting.

It is common for mothers to feel they’re constantly failing their kids. Thus, being part of a group reminds you that there are no “perfect mothers” or “perfect kids”. And that it is normal to make mistakes, feel frustrated, and doubt yourself along the way.

2. To build a network of support

Photo of hands hugging another person representing the stress of being a single parent and the support a single mom who is anxious or depressed can get by attending a support group for single moms in our Baltimore, MD counseling practice.The stories of other parents can give you the wisdom of a hundred parenting books. When mothers share their successful experiences (and the ones that didn’t work so well), it provides valuable information about alternative approaches and resources.

In addition to being a great way to get different insights and learn new strategies, it is also a good place to make friends with whom you can plan playdates and even exchange babysitting duties. In a nutshell, it can be fun and a way to expand your social life.

3. To express your emotions

Allowing yourself to share your feelings and experiences with others can have a therapeutic and healing effect. In addition, the therapists who lead these groups will promote a warm and safe environment, where everyone can explore their self-expression and activate solutions to the problems each one is facing.

Photo of a group of women laughing representing the sense of connection that can come from attending a single mom's group at New Connections Counseling Center in Baltimore, MD. We help moms who are feeling anxious, depressed of just burnt out.4. To celebrate your accomplishments

Getting positive feedback about your achievements and conquers can be really empowering. It can do wonders for your self-confidence to realize that there are a lot of things you do get right. Moreover, having a group of people to cheer you on can help you see yourself in a more flattering way, renew your patience, and give you the strength to keep challenging yourself and learning.

5. To take care of yourself in an affordable way

The experience of connecting with other moms, sharing concerns, and learning from one another can have a real positive impact on your well-being and your kids’ as well. If you are convinced to try it but wondering how you could afford it, you can rest easy because therapy groups are generally a less expensive option.

New Connections Therapy Group for Single Moms

So, if you feel that this is a good idea for you, join our in-person therapy group, led by Pamela Altemos, a licensed therapist and mom who gets it!

Do you want to know more? Feel free to talk to us. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher, who often integrates relaxation skills, meditation exercises, and breathing techniques to facilitate calmness and overall wellness.

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