How to Deal with Anxiety in a Relationship?

How to Cope with Anxiety in Romantic Relatioship | New Connections Counseling Center, Baltimore, MD

Being in a relationship can make us feel like all the love songs are about us. We find ourselves smiling a lot more, we want to be around that person as much as we can. We feel butterflies just thinking about them. It can give us a wonderful sense of belonging, unconditional support, and happiness. But, sometimes, those butterflies can...[ read more ]

How to Overcome Sports Performance Anxiety?

Athlete overcome Sports Performance Anxiety | New Connections Counseling Center, Baltimore MD

Athletes devote most of their lives to hours of physical training, perfecting the precise movements for their sports and challenging their body’s limits. But what about mental training? Are athletes trained to overcome Sports Performance Anxiety? Simone Biles's recent withdrawal from the competition, at the Tokyo Olympics, revived the conversation about Mental Health and created a domino effect that is...[ read more ]

Dating During the Pandemic: A Couples’ Therapist in Baltimore Shares the Pros and Cons

Hand Holding | New Connections Counseling Center

With more than a year into the pandemic and all it brought with it, people are trying to get back to normal, with what they can. Love and affection are somewhere on the top of that list. But, things are different now, since the pandemic taught us that we can’t simply get close to anyone. No matter if you are...[ read more ]

3 Tips for Managing Parental Anxiety From a Baltimore Anxiety Therapist

Image of a mother putting a mask on her young son. This image represents the impact of COVID-19 on parental anxiety. If you are a parent with anxiety, anxiety treatment in Baltimore, MD can help. | 21210 | 21212

Normal Worrying in Abnormal Circumstances It was Adam Sandler’s character in the movie Spanglish who said: “Worrying about your kids is sanity.” If this statement resonates with you, take a big sigh of relief because this sentiment could not be more correct. In fact, a certain degree of worrying is necessary to keep our children alive. Think about it... What...[ read more ]

What to do when you are anxious about your relationship?

Couple & Relationships | New Connections Counseling Center

Relationships and love are some of the best things that can happen to a person. All of our energy and emotions can be elevated because of love. When things are good and butterflies fly in your stomach, you feel on top of the world, ready to achieve your biggest goals.  But, what happens when you have “mixed feelings” about relationships,...[ read more ]

College Student Anxiety Related to Returning to Campus

Retunring College Student Anxiety New Connections Baltimore

When campuses were shut down and students asked to return back home, the country recorded an alarming spike in college student anxiety. Separation from friends, loss of income, fear of catching the coronavirus, and the absence of physical and social support networks triggered and heightened feelings of worry and anxiety in college students. Now, that the coronavirus outbreak has been...[ read more ]

Anxiety Related to Loosening COVID-19 Restrictions

Open sign board through the glass of the door.

Lockdowns are being lifted, many businesses and schools are slowly opening, and governments all around the world are beginning to loosen their COVID-19 restrictions in an effort to resuscitate the economy. For some people, this is nothing but good news. They are excited about getting back into society and hanging out with close friends and family after months of isolation....[ read more ]

The Effects of Racial Injustice on Anxiety

Image of a woman leaning on a balcony railing with her arms crossed. This image illustrates the anxiety symptoms that Black folks experience from racial injustice in Baltimore, MD. | 21209 | 21204

The United States remains one of the most diverse countries on Earth. Despite this diversity, there have always been issues surrounding racism and racial inequality. Although many assumed that racism had reduced in recent years, we now know that racism is alive and well. It seemed that racial injustice was on the downswing with President Obama's election in 2008 and...[ read more ]

Coping with Cabin Fever

Human beings are by nature social animals. We generally thrive on togetherness, on being part of a group, and dislike our own company for long stretches of time. For others, it’s not so much the company but the excitement that comes with meeting new people and embracing new perspectives. When we are cut off from society due to a natural...[ read more ]

Coronavirus Anxiety and Tips for Managing It

man suffering from depression during coronavirus

Ruthless. That’s one way to describe the COVID-19 virus currently sweeping through the world and leaving nothing but grief and uncertainty in its wake. There seems to be no end in sight for this global pandemic that not only threatens our physical disposition but our mental health as well. More than 20 million Americans suffer from anxiety and panic disorders,...[ read more ]

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