Considering splitting up? A couples therapist in Baltimore shares considerations before separating

Ending a relationship is always hard, no matter if it lasted months, years or decades. The longer you are in a relationship, the harder it gets to end things, especially if you and your partner share finances, home, and social connections. But, if issues are unresolvable, splitting up might be the only solution to a better life. How do you...[ read more ]

A couples therapist in Baltimore shares 3 date night ideas for this spring

With the pandemic, dating life has changed. People are anxious about their health and safety, and are trying to do everyday activities while making sure that they practice social distancing. Large amounts of single people are saying that the pandemic has made them more lonely, isolated, and swirling in negative thoughts. Couples, on the other hand, are experiencing communication difficulties,...[ read more ]

Dating During the Pandemic: A Couples’ Therapist in Baltimore Shares the Pros and Cons

With more than a year into the pandemic and all it brought with it, people are trying to get back to normal, with what they can. Love and affection are somewhere on the top of that list. But, things are different now, since the pandemic taught us that we can’t simply get close to anyone. No matter if you are...[ read more ]

How Does Counseling for Relationship Issues Work in an Online Format?

In the past virtual therapy (online therapy or phone therapy) wasn’t widely practiced, but that changed in the last decade. Now, with the corona virus at work, the need for virtual therapy has greatly increased. So, therapists and clients turned to those unconventional types of therapy. Marriage counseling and couples therapy is also on the rise, as a large percentage...[ read more ]

How Marriage Counseling Can Help Couples During Covid-19

Photo of a male and female couple riding bikes together into the sunset and holding hands. They represent a couple that feels more connected than ever after going through couples therapy in Baltimore, MD. | 21286 | 21093

The entire COVID-19 situation got us all unprepared. Now that the initial shock has worn off, we are left with the treacherous aftermath. Many of us have unresolved feelings about it all. For many, these include anxiety, uncertainty, isolation, loss, low self-esteem, and depression. The pandemic affected every aspect of our lives. Further, we have seen negative impacts on people's...[ read more ]

How to Tell Your Partner About Your Past Sexual Abuse

Relationships always start out on a high note. Your mutual attraction combined with your commonalities stirs up your feelings, while finding out about your differences and exploring the world together makes your relationship fresh and exciting. When your relationship starts to become more intimate, you may start to wonder when the right time is for you to open up to...[ read more ]

5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety as a Parent

The hard work and unpredictability that makes parenting so rewarding can also cause a great deal of anxiety. Here are some simple ways to bring yourself to a place of calm. Make a To-Do List Ruminating on worries can cause lots of stress. Clear your mind by making a to-do list. Put down everything that needs to be done into...[ read more ]

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