7 Romantic and Fun Holiday Date Ideas in Baltimore

Holiday Date Ideas in Baltimore, MD | New Connections Counseling Center

The holiday season is almost upon us. All around us, we begin to see the lights and decorations spreading through our streets. We replay those same old Christmas hits that get us in the festive mood. It can be easily said that this is the most romantic time of the year. And you're just in time to check out some holiday...[ read more ]

How to Deal with Anxiety in a Relationship?

How to Cope with Anxiety in Romantic Relatioship | New Connections Counseling Center, Baltimore, MD

Being in a relationship can make us feel like all the love songs are about us. We find ourselves smiling a lot more, we want to be around that person as much as we can. We feel butterflies just thinking about them. It can give us a wonderful sense of belonging, unconditional support, and happiness. But, sometimes, those butterflies can...[ read more ]

What to do when you are anxious about your relationship?

Couple & Relationships | New Connections Counseling Center

Relationships and love are some of the best things that can happen to a person. All of our energy and emotions can be elevated because of love. When things are good and butterflies fly in your stomach, you feel on top of the world, ready to achieve your biggest goals.  But, what happens when you have “mixed feelings” about relationships,...[ read more ]

CBT: What It Is and What It Can Do For You

Smiling Woman | New Connections

Are there areas in your life that pose a challenge to you? Have you decided to face this challenge alone because you do not feel seeing a therapist is right for you? Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) may be the answer that you are looking for. Many people have the impression that seeing a therapist requires spending their time exploring their life...[ read more ]

How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Mental Health

Peace | New Connections

Anxiety disorders. Depression. Addiction. These are all symptoms of poor mental health. Studies have shown that one in every five U.S. adults suffers from a mental illness. While medications, psychotherapy, and brain treatments are quite effective at treating mental health disorders, they can be expensive and could leave you with unpleasant side effects. Mindfulness offers you the best of both...[ read more ]

How to Tell Your Partner About Your Past Sexual Abuse

Relationships always start out on a high note. Your mutual attraction combined with your commonalities stirs up your feelings, while finding out about your differences and exploring the world together makes your relationship fresh and exciting. When your relationship starts to become more intimate, you may start to wonder when the right time is for you to open up to...[ read more ]

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