How to cope with Omicron anxiety during this fast-spreading surge

How to cope with Omicron Anxiety | New Connections Counseling Center, Baltimore, MD

Most of us thought that by 2022 we would be back to normal, and COVID-19 would surely be long gone. Meanwhile, cue the newest coronavirus variant Omicron and once again we are in the eye of the storm, flooded with Omicron anxiety. All around us people we know are testing positive for COVID-19 and it feels like it’s just a...[ read more ]

Why do New Year’s Resolutions fail and how you can keep them?

Why New Year's Resolutions fail | New Connections Counseling Center, Baltimore, MD

Many of us see the new year as an opportunity to leave all our flaws and insecurities behind and start a new chapter in our lives. During the holidays, we give ourselves a free pass to all our indulgences and focus our motivation to reset the timer on January 1st. Some of the most common resolutions on our wishlists include...[ read more ]

5 tips on how to conquer Christmas as a single mom

Single Mom Christmas | New Connections Counseling Center, Baltimore, MD

Many of us are looking forward to these holidays, especially after another challenging pandemic year. This is the time of the year when we gather around the family table, share all those Christmas traditions and reminisce about the good old days.  Even with the stress of cooking the perfect meal and picking the right gift for each family member, we...[ read more ]

7 Romantic and Fun Holiday Date Ideas in Baltimore

Holiday Date Ideas in Baltimore, MD | New Connections Counseling Center

The holiday season is almost upon us. All around us, we begin to see the lights and decorations spreading through our streets. We replay those same old Christmas hits that get us in the festive mood. It can be easily said that this is the most romantic time of the year. And you're just in time to check out some holiday...[ read more ]

How does Daylight Saving Time impact your Mental Health?

Daylight Saving Time impact your Mental Health | New Connections Counseling Center, Baltimore, MD

Have you ever noticed feeling down on a rainy day? Do sunny days make you feel perky and full of energy? Natural light has a big impact on how we feel. As we transition into winter and the days get shorter and darker, we lose a lot of sunlight exposure, which can affect our mood. But did you know Daylight...[ read more ]

How to find a Therapist in Baltimore that’s right for me?

Therapist in Baltimore, MD at New Connections Counseling Center

Starting therapy can be a very important, yet difficult step. Maybe it is a decision you’ve been mulling over for some time. A few times you may even research a few places or therapists. But you’re not sure how you can find the right therapist for you and end up convincing yourself that your problems are not that big or...[ read more ]

An LGBTQ Affirming Therapist From Baltimore, MD Shares 3 Ways LGBTQ Allies Can Celebrate Pride Month

Man & Pride | New Connections Counseling Center

The month of June is widely considered Pride Month for the LGBTQ community. Our society, traditionally, wasn’t inclusive or tolerant of any sexuality, other than a heterosexual one. With a lot of blood and sweat, LGBTQ individuals fought for their rights to freedom and expression.  Today, we’ve made a great success towards inclusiveness, but there is still a lot to...[ read more ]

How Does Counseling for Relationship Issues Work in an Online Format?

Couples | New Connections Counseling Center

In the past virtual therapy (online therapy or phone therapy) wasn’t widely practiced, but that changed in the last decade. Now, with the corona virus at work, the need for virtual therapy has greatly increased. So, therapists and clients turned to those unconventional types of therapy. Marriage counseling and couples therapy is also on the rise, as a large percentage...[ read more ]

College Student Anxiety and Loss During COVID-19

Stressed people from hard working.

Due to the coronavirus, anxiety has risen across the world with college students constituting a large part of the affected population. It’s very common for students to experience to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anxiety when they go off to college. Various studies and numerous surveys have proven that college students are the most vulnerable population when it comes to...[ read more ]

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