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With more than a year into the pandemic and all it brought with it, people are trying to get back to normal, with what they can. Love and affection are somewhere on the top of that list. But, things are different now, since the pandemic taught us that we can’t simply get close to anyone.

No matter if you are single, but wanting to feel close and connected; if you started dating shortly before the pandemic; or you are deep into feeling something special for someone special; a lot of questions pop up in your mind.

Is it safe to date now? Are the negative aspects of dating building up, while the benefits look unimportant? Can love wait, in the time of “cholera”? How do I calm myself with all this stress and uncertainty?

It seems that a lot of people are indecisive about the answers to these questions. But, every person is different, and everyone thinks and reacts differently. If we understand the positive and negative sides of dating during a pandemic, we might just make up our minds.

So, in this blog, I’ll try to explain the pros and the cons of dating during COVID. My practical experience over the years assured me that people only need to clearly see the big picture, and afterward when they understand that, their mind will decide what it agrees on.

Pros for Dating During the Pandemic

Connection and affection

Nothing beats our need for love, connection, and affection. Especially in these times of disease, stress, and uncertainty. It’s important to mention that giving and receiving love will naturally boost your health, will release happy hormones, and thus make you more relaxed and secure. This makes dating even more important in these times when fear, stress, and uncertainty are creeping from every corner.

Covid-19 showed us what is truly essential in life, and love is one of those things. So, for a lot of people, with the awareness of how easy it is to lose your well-being, came the awareness that they need someone to share the good and the bad.

Creative ways of getting to know each other through the internet

The next thing you should consider is online dating. It’s not like there isn’t a way for you to communicate with a person of interest. It’s just that you have to adapt and look for some creative ways to get to know them. For one, there are a lot of apps and platforms for meeting potential partners. There is also social media for people that already have someone they like, but need to get to know each other. For example, a lot of people are doing online date nights, where they eat and drink, from the comfort of their own homes. We will dedicate some more time to that in the next section.

Taking it nice and slow

Dating during a pandemic can show you who is really into you, and who just wants to have a good time and move on. Texting, talking and video calls can show you who is really interested in getting to know you. Date nights, from the comfort of your home, can be very enjoyable. People tend to act more like themselves when they are at home compared to public places such as restaurants. So, the next time you have an online video call date, know that what you see is a better representation of the person. You’re looking into their sincere, leisure side, and not their publicly presented persona, all dressed up and ready to impress.

Having a date from your living room can give you a lot of ways to get to know each other. Instead of telling the person that you know how to play the guitar, you can play something for them. Instead of telling them about your cat, you can introduce your pet through the screen. Long story short, a video date can be the best one you’ve had if you are creative and open to it.

Cons for Dating During the Pandemic

Safety risks

Maybe one of the ugliest parts of dating during the pandemic is safety. In times of a global pandemic, you can never be cautious enough regarding health. You can never be sure who your date was with, who they talked to or greeted. This risk is even greater if the dating is in its early days, while you still don’t know the extent of trust that the person deserves.

Fortunately, as we previously stated, the internet era we live in can help with that. Start online dating and see what things move towards. If you have, or if you find, a person that looks mature and responsible enough, with time you can build mutual trust and decide to meet up in person.

Missing the physical touch

The next negative thing about dating with COVID- 19 around, is the fact that most things that happened on dates, now need to happen online, virtually. So, partners are turning to messaging, talking, and video calling as a way to stay in touch. And yes, online dating has both advantages and disadvantages, but we all know that you can’t have your first kiss through the camera. So, a lot of new daters might lose the spark, because they are unable to move onto physical intimacy. However, where there is a will, there is a solution, so it’s not unusual for partners that were dating long enough to communicate and responsibly agree to get together in person.

Not being able to determine the good from the bad

This is another negative side, closely related to online dating. You know how you might come across someone that at first looks good and fun, but with time you find something off-putting about them? Well, it might be hard to trust your intuition about that while talking to the person online. A lot of cues in a growing relationship come from the physical closeness and seeing how the person acts and reacts, how they talk or carry themselves, how they dress or smell. For a lot of these things, you will have to wait and see when you have the chance to meet up in person.

Ending Words

The pandemic brought new ways of functioning to our lives. With that, love and dating are also changing and we ought to find new ways to stay connected. For some, dating is just not worth the risk, while for others, feeling loved and appreciated is boosting their well-being. Dating during the pandemic has both positive and negative sides. All people are different and even though we are all united in what our needs are, we all individually decide when and under what conditions those needs are met.
I hope that this blog post helped you to see the bigger picture of dating during the pandemic and that you now, more clearly know what it is you want. But, don’t forget, you are responsible for your well-being, so stand behind your decisions.

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