Karen Ayala

A portrait of Karen Ayala, a Baltimore therapist at New Connections Counseling Center
My life is my message.

Therapist (LCSW)- Offering virtual therapy

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hi, I’m Karen.

Are you struggling to cope with the pain or symptoms associated with a trauma? Maybe you have been abused, suffered a significant loss, or witnessed violence at home or in your community. l listen to help you feel heard. You are strong and are living with the pain. I can help you learn to cope with what life has handed you. I will help you approach challenges with an open mind and use your natural strengths to overcome difficult experiences. I offer specialized care in the area of trauma and use EMDR to relieve symptoms associated with PTSD.

Another area I specialize in is cultural identity. Does being bicultural stress you out? Leave you feeling unsure where you belong, or what box to check off? I understand this struggle, I’ve lived it. I work with clients to make meaning of mixed-race identities. People come to me for lots of reasons, including wanting help with painful relationships, family conflict, mood and anxiety symptoms, a general feeling that something isn’t right, or the desire to simply know themselves better.

My style of therapy is caring, culturally-sensitive, direct, and nurturing. I’m engaged and will challenge you to be more present in the moment using mindful “check ins” during sessions. I incorporate mindfulness as a way of helping you pay attention to physical sensations associated with stress. I believe we are wired for connection and we need others for support when dealing with difficult situations. Together we will tap into your resilience to aid healing.

More about me and my background

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-C) and have over 10 years of experience working with adults, teenagers, parents, and families in community and school settings. As a second generation social worker I have a belief that people need to feel heard in order to truly heal. I am passionate advocate for all individuals to have access to quality mental health and trauma informed care.

I am Philly bred and attended school at Temple University. In my free time I enjoy hiking, shopping (I have a shoe addiction!), and enjoying eating different foods from various cultures.