Nick Windt

To become wise you must learn to listen to the wild dogs barking in your cellar

Therapist (LCSW-C)- Offering in-person & virtual therapy

Pronouns: He/him/his

Are you having difficulty with the relationships in your life? Are you struggling to make progress with your goals? Is it hard for you to find meaning in your daily living? I firmly believe that before any psychological theory or technique can be helpful, a therapeutic relationship must be established. I see the relationship between a client and therapist as a collaborative partnership. I work hard to create an engaging and supportive environment where you can let down your guard and speak freely so that we can then get to work on creating the change you are looking for.

I specialize in helping older teenagers and young adults overcome the habit of using alcohol and/or drugs to cope with the stress of relationships, work problems, and life transitions. I help clients develop a deeper awareness of their strengths and what is holding them back from achieving their goals.

I welcome you to spend a few minutes on the telephone with me to decide if you would like to schedule an initial appointment.