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Going to counseling is not all about the couch. Sure, in the movies, counseling often occurs with the client lying on the couch while the analyst interprets their stream of consciousness. Most in-person therapy doesn’t look like that anymore, and certainly, online therapy moves away from that image even further.

Right now, in-person therapy might not be the best choice for you. In fact, it might not even be available. New Connections Counseling Center is proud to offer online counseling sessions via video or phone. Doing counseling through a secure video platform is similar to talking to a loved one over FaceTime.

Image of a woman sitting at her desk working on a laptop and waving at someone on the screen. She illustrates what an online counseling session may look like for those looking for online therapy in Maryland. | 21209 | 21204What is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is the use of audio and visual technology that allows real-time communication with your therapist from the comfort of your own home. People use lots of different terms -“telehealth,” “online counseling,” or “virtual therapy” – to refer to the same thing. They all refer to providing therapy over the phone or video call. These days, distanced services are critical in making mental health care accessible to clients who have difficulty reaching the office.

Online Therapy Lessens Barriers

If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or struggling in relationships, perhaps it’s time to consider starting therapy. You’re looking for high-quality, individualized counseling that meets your unique needs. New Connections Counseling Center has been providing online therapy for years. So, our therapists have experience providing online therapy. Furthermore, they understand any of the concerns or questions you may have.

The whole process can feel overwhelming – finding the right therapist, making time for appointments, and figuring out where to start, especially while in the midst of a global pandemic. At our Baltimore-based counseling center, we want to make finding a “good fit” therapist simple. We hope that our online counseling services are the answer you’ve been looking for.

Image of two hands working on a laptop computer. This image represents how easy and convenient online therapy in Maryland is. | 21286 | 21093 Benefits of Online Therapy in Maryland

Online therapy is convenient and saves you time. Perhaps you live in Baltimore or Columbia, and you just don’t have time to sit in Beltway traffic to get to a counseling appointment. With online therapy, there are no worries about parking. Instead, you can pull up our secure platform on your computer and start your counseling session from whatever private place you have found. This convenience is particularly critical for clients who have trouble getting to the office due to illness or mobility issues. Or, maybe you are just more comfortable attending counseling from the comfort of your own home.

Or, you may live on the Eastern Shore or in western Maryland. Perhaps you do not have a lot of choices when it comes to mental health services. Online therapy can also be a great option if you need a specialization that is not available where you live.

Online counseling works for many mental health issues. In fact, research indicates that you can expect to get the same results doing online therapy as in-person counseling.

Online Therapy During COVID-19

We are in a challenging time of great upheaval and uncertainty. The realities of COVID-19 have prompted people to consider online therapy more than ever before. You may be limiting your contact with others, working from home, and socially distancing. Perhaps you’re experiencing a spike in anxiety as you feel a sense of loss of control. So much uncertainty. And lots of new challenges.

You’re working from home alongside your partner and children. Or, you live alone and work from home, so you aren’t interacting with anyone in person. Maybe you’re managing remote school and unable to leave the house. Or, maybe you are going to work every day even though it doesn’t feel safe. Whatever your specific circumstances, most of us are feeling overwhelmed these days.

Image of a woman sitting on a chair with a laptop on her lap and a cup of coffee in her hand. She exemplifies what an individual using online therapy in Maryland may look like during a counseling session. | 21210 | 21212

Online therapy is a convenient and accessible alternative to traditional in-person therapy. And, can be a way to get what you need in the midst of these realities. Get support from your comfiest chair, with your favorite mug of tea in hand. Perhaps you’ll even have a furry friend by your side. You deserve a safe space to get support. Right now, we all need as much steadiness and comfort as we can find. We are all experiencing the pandemic differently, but finding ways to cope can help us move through it. Try online therapy in Maryland. See how wonderful it is to talk to a trusted professional, at home, and in your corner. Some people find they even prefer online therapy because it feels nice to be in the comfort of their own homes.

How Online Therapy Works at New Connections Counseling Center

Online counseling sessions are done over a secure video platform. In fact, it is much the same as in-person counseling. Prior to your scheduled session, you will be sent a unique link to access your video session. The only equipment required is the internet, a computer of some sort, and a camera and microphone. Lastly, you’ll need to find a quiet, confidential place in your home, office (or even your car) for your session.

All of the therapists at New Connections Counseling Center offer online therapy. While some people prefer in-person sessions, others enjoy the freedom of online therapy due to the safety and security of their own homes.

Image of a man sitting on the living room floor and searching the web. This image illustrates how easy it is for people to look for "online therapy in Maryland" on their computer and begin online counseling. | 21209 | 21204Begin Online Therapy in Maryland

Our Baltimore-based counseling center provides all services in-person and online. If you’re ready to see if working with an online therapist is a good fit for you, follow the steps below.

  1. Contact us using our appointment request form.
  2. Start meeting with a caring online therapist.
  3. Get the support you deserve with ease and convenience.

Other Services at New Connections Counseling Center

The therapists at our therapy practice located in Baltimore, MD are passionate about helping you meet your mental health goals. Whether you are interested in men’s therapy, counseling for women, or more issue-specific help, like anxiety treatment or therapy for depression, we can help. Furthermore, we provide online therapy for marriage counseling as well, so both partners can have access to convenient support. Wherever you are in your wellness journey or in Maryland, our therapists are ready to meet you and provide support.

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