College Student Anxiety Related to Returning to Campus

When campuses were shut down and students asked to return back homes, the country recorded an alarming spike in college student anxiety. Separation from friends, loss of income, uncertainty about their survival in the face of the deadly virus, and the absence of physical and social support networks triggered, and in some cases heightened feelings of worry and anxiety in...[ read more ]

How to Make Online Counseling Most Effective

Most Hollywood movies paint therapy as an easy, fun-filled process that delivers instant results. But that isn’t quite true. Sharing your mental and emotional challenges with someone else can be a daunting task. And having to do so via virtual platforms can make therapy even more challenging. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, online counseling is now extremely common. You...[ read more ]

Anxiety Related to Loosening COVID-19 Restrictions

Lockdowns are being lifted, many businesses and schools are slowly opening, and governments all around the world are beginning to loosen their COVID-19 restrictions in an effort to resuscitate their various economies. For some people, this is nothing but good news. They are excited about getting back into society and hanging out with close friends and family after months of...[ read more ]

College Student Anxiety and Loss During COVID-19

Due to the coronavirus, anxiety has risen across the world with college students constituting a large part of the affected population. It’s very common for students to experience to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anxiety when they go off to college. Various studies and numerous surveys have proven that college students are the most vulnerable population when it comes to...[ read more ]

Anxiety Regarding Racial Issues in the United States

The United States remains one of the most diverse countries on earth. Despite this diversity, there have always been issues surrounding racism and inequality. Although many assumed that racism has reduced in recent years (i.e. when Obama was elected), recent events have highlighted the issues that People of Color continue to face in the United States. Racial issues, rather than...[ read more ]

Online Therapy During Coronavirus

In just four months, coronavirus has changed the world drastically. Thousands have died, millions have lost their jobs, stock prices keep fluctuating, world economies are struggling to rebound, and everyone is uncertain if and when things will return to normal. The resulting grief, insecurity, and general uncertainty have raised anxiety and stress levels to a new high. Therapy is needed...[ read more ]

Alcohol Abuse During COVID-19

In this COVID-19 era, everyone is so focused on the pandemic that little attention is being paid to a looming threat; the danger of alcohol abuse. In the past couple of months, social media has witnessed a rise in quarantine drinking challenges, hospitals have had an increase in alcohol-related admissions, and the number of cases of alcohol abuse received by...[ read more ]

Coping with Cabin Fever

Human beings are by nature social animals. We generally thrive on togetherness, on being part of a group, and dislike our own company for long stretches of time. For others, it’s not so much the company but the excitement that comes with meeting new people and embracing new perspectives. When we are cut off from society due to a natural...[ read more ]

Coronavirus Anxiety and Tips for Managing It

man suffering from depression during coronavirus

Ruthless. That’s one way to describe the COVID-19 virus currently sweeping through the world and leaving nothing but grief and uncertainty in its wake. There seems to be no end in sight for this global pandemic that not only threatens our physical disposition but our mental health as well. More than 20 million Americans suffer from anxiety and panic disorders,...[ read more ]

Are These the Winter Blues or Symptoms of Depression?

Shorter days. Longer nights. Early sunsets and cold, dark days. You get tired easily and become gloomy. Resentment against the approaching winter builds as you desperately wish for the sunnier and brighter days of summer. This funk you're in might be the winter blues. But if you feel this way year in, year out, you just might be suffering from...[ read more ]

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