Why does Depression make you tired?

Photo of a tired man laying on the couch. This represents how depression can make you feel tired and fatigued and the importance of recognizing these sigs to seek help from a therapist.

When we think about depression one image that often comes to mind is a tired, exhausted body, struggling to get out of bed. Or a slow-moving person dragging an heavy tiredness that overshadows every experience, every interaction, much like Eeyore’s rainy cloud (the donkey from Winnie the Pooh). For people with depression, feeling tired is a constant and familiar presence....[ read more ]

Social Justice Minded Counseling: Why Social Justice and Mental Health are Inseparable

Photo of LGBTQIA couple hugging dressed with a t-shirt that has a message about "No homophobia, no violence, no racism, no sexism" on the back. This represents the importance of finding a social justice-oriented therapist in Baltimore, MD.

“Did you know the heart has a dungeon? Bring light! Bring light!” -- Mary Oliver (Red Bird: Poems 2009) Hi, y’all. You may notice a different tone from me in this post. First and foremost because social justice counseling is a topic near and dear to my heart as anything can be. Secondly, it feels important to contain (okay… manage)...[ read more ]

Depression & College: Tips from a Psychologist about Coping with Depression in College

College girl smiling while holding her phone and coffee cup. This represents a college student in the Baltimore area who has found a great therapist to treat depression.

College can be a very exciting and awaited time in young people's lives. For many, it is their first time away from home, away from their parent's watching eyes, and sharing their living space with other students. Oh, what a time to be alive! So, why are college students more vulnerable to depression? As one said, with great power comes...[ read more ]

Most common questions on Finding a Therapist as an LGBTQIA+ Person

Finding LGBTQIA therapist | New Connections Counseling Center at Baltimore, MD

Throughout my career, I've gravitated to working with various Queer communities. Not surprising given my original clinical training at the LGBGTQIA+ Cultural Center, or a certain beloved Midwestern university. One of the recurring challenges I've seen LGBTQIA+ people face while searching for a therapist is finding providers who are both affirming and knowledgeable. Unfortunately the former doesn't always imply the latter. I've...[ read more ]

5 common Fears About Starting Therapy by our Therapists in Baltimore

Photo of someone talking on the phone smiling representing someone who felt anxious about calling to begin therapy for depression with one of our Baltimore therapists and feels relieved after having her questions about counseling answered.

Have you been thinking about starting therapy but keep putting it off? Maybe you have a friend that started seeing a therapist and got you thinking about it. Or maybe it is just something that has been on your mind for some time, but you keep brushing it off as not urgent. Our therapists in Baltimore know that the thought...[ read more ]

Starting Therapy: 4 Ways to Get the Most Out of It

Starting Therapy | New Connections Counseling Center at Baltimore, MD

A recurring theme I hear a lot in therapy, both from clinicians and from clients, is the idea of a good therapist and good therapy. This can be particularly important when you are considering starting therapy. Now, to be clear, I do think that some approaches are simply better for certain clients' mental health concerns. For instance, I operate from a...[ read more ]

What Causes Anxiety? 5 Tips to Help you Cope

What Causes Anxiety | New Connections Counseling Center at Baltimore, MD

We all experience anxiety. About work, going on a date, moving to a new place, or taking a test. It’s quite common to feel worried, nervous, or uneasy when dealing with difficult challenges in our lives. So, it can be helpful to understand what causes anxiety and how we can better cope with it. This might surprise you, but there’s...[ read more ]

3 Tips from a Baltimore Therapist for Checking in on your Relationship

Tips from a Baltimore Therapist to Check in on your Relationship | New Connections Counseling Center at Baltimore, MD

There’s a folksy adage I grew up with, in the rural Midwest, perhaps you did too in your neck of the woods, of “If it ain't broke, don’t fix it.” Like a lot of folksy sayings from back home, there are certainly times that it’s good advice: home or car improvement projects you aren’t qualified for, cutting your own hair...[ read more ]

5 reasons why Men should take care of their Mental Health

Men Mental Health | New Connections Counseling Center at Baltimore, MD

If you get injured or suddenly feel a stabbing chest pain the first thought that comes to your mind is to get medical help. Unfortunately, we still can’t say the same for mental health problems, especially for men. While mental illness affects both men and women, the prevalence in men is often lower than in women. Men are also less...[ read more ]

5 Tips for LGBTQ+ Folks Using Dating and Hookup Apps

5 tips for LGBTQ+ Dating Apps | New Connections Counseling Center at Baltimore, MD

Many LGBTQ+ folks (lovingly referred to as queer from here on) expressed to me throughout the pandemic that certain dating apps, you probably know which ones I mean, have become a ubiquitous part of life. During surges in the pandemic, socializing and dating through apps became ostensibly safer than physically entering other traditionally queer spaces. For many queer folks, it...[ read more ]

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